PFLAG Springfield Starts a New Program to Provide Support to LGBTQ+ Individuals and Their Parents

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January 20, 2021 Phone: (409) 504-8978


PFLAG Springfield Starts a New Program to Provide Support to LGBTQ+ Individuals and Their Parents (PDF Press Release 01/20/2021)

The PFLAG Support Fund will help make individual and family counseling more accessible.

From strained relationships to outright rejection, LGBTQ+ youth are often subjected to stigma and bias related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. In relation to other youth, many LGBTQ+ youth have more difficult relationships with their parents, elevated rates of abuse, and increased incidents of homelessness.

The implications of these results are far reaching and significant. Aside from the immediate effects of child abuse and homelessness, these strained relationships have a negative effect on the development and coping capabilities of youth. This contributes to the significant rate of suicidal thinking, attempted suicide, and suicide among LGBTQ+ persons. 

PFLAG Springfield has established the PFLAG Support Fund to provide financial assistance for individual, family, or group counseling sessions for LGBTQ+ youth and their parents. The purpose of this fund is not only to provide access to these services for families that may not be able to afford it otherwise, but also to incentivize parents to attempt counseling who may otherwise refuse. Early intervention significantly reduces the negative impacts by fostering better relationships between LGBTQ+ people and their parents.

The PFLAG Support Fund was made possible by a $6,000 grant from the Jerry Redfern Grant Program administered by the Musgrave Foundation and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. 

Interested individuals or families can learn more and access the application at Counseling and therapy providers who are interested in receiving referrals must be listed on the Ozarks Inclusion Project’s website.


PFLAG Springfield’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer persons, their families and friends through support, education, and advocacy. To become a member or make a donation, visit Inquiries from the public can be directed to For more information contact Aaron Schekorra by emailing or calling (409) 504-8978.